About me

No real order here, but maybe you find some of the information useful :)

Finn Gaida

Computer Science student in Munich from Hamburg

So I'm from a small town close to Hamburg, Germany, but moved to Munich, Germany after graduating from high school there to study computer science at the Technical University Munich (TUM).
I like to experiment with functional programming in Haskell and toy around with Rapsberry Pi scripts in Python, but I professionally code iOS (and macOS/tvOS/watchOS for that matter) apps in Swift and Objective-C since 2012.
Currently I'm working on several projects freelance with Morsel Interactive and as a working student with equinux, but you can also check out some of my previous work over at my portfolio.
Additionally Apple awarded me with a student scholarship to attend their annual developers' conference WWDC in 2015 and 2017. If you're curious, you can check out my applications over at my GitHub page.